María Zambrano (Senior) Fellowship at University of Granada, Spain

I’m very fortunate as I have been offered a María Zambrano (Senior) Fellowship at the University of Granada, Spain. My alma mater where I did the PhD. I’ve taken on this role now, and for the next 2.5 years I will be on a research position with minimal teaching to be able to focus further on my forecasting research. I’ll stay in connection and continue collaborating with my colleagues and friends at Monash University, where I now hold the appointment of an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow.

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Visiting Researcher at Meta

Since about a week I’m on a sabbatical for 6 months in the Infrastructure Data Science and Engineering team at Meta Platforms Inc. in Menlo Park, California. I’m fortunate that Zeynep Erkin Baz, Dario Benavides, and Ashish Kelkar have given me this opportunity to work with them in their great team. I’m looking forward to tackling interesting forecasting problems and learning a lot more about forecasting and other things along the way.

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FUZZ-IEEE Explainable Energy Prediction Competition

My PhD student Dilini Sewwandi Rajapaksha and I made first place in the FUZZ-IEEE Explainable Energy Prediction Competition. The winners were announced at the IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, Luxembourg, 2021.

We proposed a novel algorithm to provide Local Interpretable Model-agnostic Rule-based Explanations for Forecasting, a paper and more descriptions will be available hopefully soon.

Recent publications

  • Rakshitha Godahewa, Geoffrey I Webb, Daniel Schmidt, Christoph Bergmeir (2023) SETAR-Tree: A Novel and Accurate Tree Algorithm for Global Time Series Forecasting. In: Machine Learning, (forthcoming). Abstract  pdf bib
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Recent and upcoming talks

  • ACML 2020 Tutorial: Forecasting for Data Scientists. (18 November 2020) More info...
  • Facebook Forecasting Summit: Forecasting for Data Scientists. (6 October 2020) More info...
  • Recurrent Neural Networks for Forecasting. (21 November 2019) More info...